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Why Choose PathPointers Digital as Your SEO Agency in Dubai?


Increased Competition in Dubai

With the rapid growth of new companies in Dubai over the past 18 months, competition across industries has intensified.


Critical Need for SEO

In this highly competitive online marketing space, having a solid SEO campaign in Dubai has become more essential than ever before.


Full-Service Campaigns

We offer comprehensive SEO campaigns in both English and Arabic, catering to diverse audiences in Dubai and the GCC region.


Dedicated Project Managers

Your project will be handled by dedicated project managers with extensive technical knowledge, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.


Exceeding Client Expectations

We are committed to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.


Comprehensive Services

From creating dedicated email addresses to conducting detailed keyword analysis, we provide a range of services to maximize your SEO success.


Find us among other Digital Marketing Agencies in the region
Certified SEO Professionals

Our agency offer custom tailored Search Engine Optimization SEO Services. We are specialists Arabic SEO and Local SEO. Our methodology comprises geo targeting, acquiring relevant themed back links (Link Building and our end goal is website authority. 

Search Engine Optimization services that drives organic traffic including Keyword Research on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

local seo

Local SEO is Search Engine Optimization type that helps businesses get on visibility in their local town or city. Using Google my business and voice SEO. 

arabic seo

SEO for Arabic Websites , Arabic PPC and Arabic Content Writing Services for Arabic Websites and E-Commerce in Arabic. 

content writing

Content Writing Services for blogs, website content optimized for search engines also called SEO Content. Let’s write content for your website.

ppc management

PPC Management also called Pay Per Click Management. Let’s manage your Google Ads account, focus on ads and keywords that covert better.

digital courses

Looking for a Digital Marketing Course or SEO Course in Dubai or ? Our Digital Marketing Courses are streamed online and in person as well.

SEO Marketing Firm that offers Free Consultation

Pathpointers Agency will provide a Free SEO Consultation prior to your SEO campaign. As expert SEO Company , we offer White-glove Search Engine Optimization Services that includes Free SEO Consultation done by specialists.


Looking for online visitors from around the block or near by cities? Let’s build your Google My business profile


Our Arabic speaking Arabic SEO Specialists are ready to write, optimize and market your Arabic Content

There many Digital marketing companies in Egypt. Most of these marketing agencies claim Digital expertise, you already talk and may be worked with them. Getting visitors to your website is one thing, getting qualified Leads is another. Let’s Talk

Our Digital Services

We understand that by hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company, you are looking for your website visibility and search engine ranking here is what make Pathpointers unique Online Marketing Company.

Advanced Website Optimization

We go beyond Keywords Content, Themed backlinks, we dive deeper into Schema Markup & FAQ SEO

Bespoke SEO Services

Pathpointers is a SEO agency that provides bespoke services every organic SEO Campaign has it’s own unique strategy.

Middle East digital marketing firm
lead generation

Our Clients

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Case Study : Target HR Solutions

SEO Campaign

Case Study Target HR Solutions, a leading provider of Human Resource services and Payroll Services  in the Middle East, has established itself as the most trusted company in its field.

Founded in 2006, the company has built a reputation for delivering unparalleled services in recruitment, human resources management, and conflict resolution.

The SEO Objectives 

To increase its domain authority and boost the number of qualified leads. However, the challenge was to generate quality leads for the company. The executives aimed to increase their overall site traffic and grow organically, while also generating leads that could be closed. To address this challenge, the company conducted an A/B testing and concluded that the best solution was to regenerate and rewrite the content using natural long tail keywords instead of commercial mainstream keywords.

The SEO Solution 

was to write comprehensive content that targeted executives looking for quality services rather than just affordable services.

SEO audit

was conducted, and several issues were identified, including outdated content quality, outdated keywords, a need for improvements in UX/UI, a need for faster page speed and better hosting, and the need to clean up toxic backlinks and generate themed backlinks over a period of 6 months. The company also focused on boosting its blog posts with interlinking to other money pages and diversifying its backlinks to act as natural growth in Google’s eyes.

SEO Campaign results and outcome

Results were impressive, with the website generating 7 times the amount of traffic from targeted regions and a closing ratio of 1:5 in December 2023.


a deep audit can help diagnose the problems with a website, and a

a well-crafted content strategy can attract the right types of clients. Clearing

toxic backlinks can improve a company’s online reputation, leading to more

Our Results Speak for itself
seo case study

Why our SEO Agency?

Few good reasons why we encourage you to do business with our agency. 

Long Term results to start with.

No need for PPC

Paid Ads costs are massive and not always done right. Unless you hire a PPC Specialist. SEO is Free and that’s what we do and do well

Online Branding

That’s when your business name becomes a keyword. That means lots of targeted traffic to your website. We offer quality Online branding

Ranking in Search Engines

We thrive as a reputable firm to increase our client’s websites ranking high in Search Engines. Our SEO Specialists are able to

Lead Generation + Quality Guarantee

We offer SEO Quality Guarantee on our SEO Services. We will make sure that your website is receiving quality traffic and closable leads


Most Frequently asked questions about our Agency and our services in general

The cost of SEO reflects the general cost of SEO services worldwide. The fees charged by an agency in Dubai depend on the level of services they offer. The cost of an SEO campaign ultimately depends on the time and resources invested, such as technical work, content creation, and link building. Industries with higher competition and more sought-after keywords require more time and resources, resulting in a higher cost compared to less competitive industries. For the most part SEO campaign can run anywhere around $500 to AED $5,000 a month. Our SEO cost can vary from one website to another. Some website need more work while other don’t.

Several factors impact the pace and effectiveness of an SEO campaign. Some factors include the age of the domain (new domains take longer to ranking in search engines) the industry competition, the targeted keywords (some short tail keywords are harder to rank for than long tail keywords), and the geo location. For Example, a business with a well-established domain in a narrow industry located in a small town will rank more easily and quickly. You can expect to see some results after 4 months, however it can take up to a year to get the full SEO results. A website needs consistent quality backlinks, fresh and helpful content and last of not the least technical SEO aspects such as website speed.

You can optimize to do Search Engine Optimization for your own website. It takes few weeks to learn the basics of SEO, however there is a need for an SEO Company at some point. The reason why is that some areas of SEO such as Off-Page SEO requires an SEO Expert with hands-on experience with themed and relevant backlinks. Many website owners get lured by SEO Directories and guest posting services, they may end up getting a google penalty which is drastic to your website ranking. The short answer is : yes you can, however the convervative answer is just be very careful. 

You must have a website on order to perform SEO. The only condition that your business may not require SEO is Local SEO. At the moment in February 2023, Google my business does not require local businesses to have a website. At this point there is a difference between SEO and Local SEO. The first must have a website.

Organic Search, also known as Natural Search, is typically the main source of website traffic that doesn’t require payment. Through implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, not only does it enhance trust and credibility for your website, but it also leads to generating quality leads.

SEO enables you to comprehend your client’s needs and provides insights into the demand for your products or services in specific geographical areas. The result of optimized SEO is increased engagement, traffic, and conversions, effectively transforming your website into a 24/7 sales team.

SEO is cost-effective for businesses in Dubai and provides a high return on investment for marketing efforts. The results of SEO can be easily measured and analyzed through regular reporting on website performance, conversions, and other critical data. Our team of web analytics experts can provide daily reports if necessary.

Through high-quality SEO, new opportunities can be discovered and leveraged to not only increase visibility but to shine above the competition.

Organic traffic refers to the number of visitors to a website that are generated from clicking on a website’s webpages when they appear in search engine results. This type of traffic is considered valuable because it is targeted and the person searching is looking for a specific solution. To understand your website’s organic traffic, you can use tools like Domain Overview and Traffic Analytics, which provide a high-level view of your traffic and a breakdown of organic and paid traffic, respectively. Keyword ranking refers to how well your website is optimized for keywords and phrases that are related to your business or products. To track your keyword ranking, you can do a Google search or conduct a keyword gap analysis. SERP visibility refers to how many people see your website in search results and is a measure of your SEO progress. You can check your website’s visibility using the Position Tracking Tool. CTR (Click-Through Rate) refers to the percentage of users who click on a website from search engine results and is a measure of the effectiveness of title tags and meta descriptions. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who visit a website and leave without further interaction and measures the quality of a visit.

Many website owners in ask why their website are not receiving traffic. Search engines have become highly proficient in identifying premium quality content, and therefore, if your content fails to meet the standards, your website will struggle to rank well and attract substantial traffic. To enhance your website’s performance, it’s essential to produce original, well-researched, impartial, and updated content.

Targeting high competition keywords can be challenging as the competition is fierce. Instead, consider focusing on low competition, long-tail keywords, which offer a better chance of ranking high and attracting traffic.

A slow website can quickly drive away visitors and negatively impact your rankings and traffic. To avoid this, it’s imperative to optimize your website’s speed and keep visitors engaged.

Frequent algorithm updates made by Google aim to enhance search results. If your website was affected, it may have resulted in a decline in traffic. To recover your traffic, check the dates of the algorithm updates in Google Analytics and take the necessary steps to regain your website’s performance. One major reason to why your website is not getting the right traffic is hiring the wrong seo company to do search engine optimization for you. There are a lots of SEO firms , only few can deliver. SEO Company Pro is one reputable SEO Agency that takes results seriously.

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