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Understanding Western Culture

Let’s face a fact here. East is East and West is West. There are fundamental differences between both cultures. Many companies around the world fail to understand how to see the world from Western nations' perspectives. The results can be fatal, lost business deals, and miscommunication. This courses will address all these points and will shed light on how to do business with Western nations from a middle eastern perspective. This is about internationalization for better business. Call to action differs from one country to another also, one funny comment in an ad copy could be very offensive in another. We will teach some business English terms, and some humor and relate them to digital marketing in terms of how to design a landing page and bring conversions. Recommend you some colors to use and also will teach you how to write content that targets Western countries such as the United States, UK, Europe, and Australia.

This course will provide you with the needed tools and strategies that will help you sell more products and services to Western nations.


Intercultural Digital Training Marketing Course

The course main goal is to help Egyptian and middle eastern companies understand western nations such as the USA,Canada and United Kingdom. 

Who is it for?
INTERcultural training

Why do you need it?

Intercultural training is essential for individuals and organizations that interact with people from different cultures, either in their personal or professional capacity. Here are some reasons why intercultural training is necessary.

Overall, intercultural training is essential for improving cross-cultural relations, promoting cultural appreciation and effective communication, and cultivating a positive public image.

Cultural awareness: With the growing globalization of many industries, it is increasingly important for people to be able to adapt and navigate cultures diffrent from their own. Intercultural training promotes cultural appreciation and understanding, which is vital in today’s global business environment.​

Effective communication: Intercultural training helps individuals understand and navigate linguistic, cultural, and behavioral differences that could impede communication. With enhanced intercultural communication skills, individuals can communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, which fosters a rich and inclusive environment.

Improved interpersonal relationships: Intercultural training helps individuals develop empathy and cross-cultural competence, which fosters mutual respect and positive social relationships between individuals and groups.

Positive brand image: For organizations, a positive public image is essential. Intercultural training can improve an organization’s reputation as being culturally competent and inclusive, which can help to attract a larger client base or top talent to the organization.

Intercultural Training can help you Connect better with other Cultures

Intercultural training refers to the learning process that helps individuals understand various cultures and develop the essential skills and knowledge required for effective communication and interaction with people from diverse backgrounds.

Intercultural training enhances cultural awareness, communication, and behavior modification for effective cross-cultural interactions. The training focuses on enhancing cultural awareness and appreciation, as well as adopting strategies for modifying one’s behavior and communication approach to navigate cross-cultural scenarios effectively. Intercultural training may consist of workshops, courses, coaching, and other educational methods tailored towards enhancing intercultural competence.

INTERcultural training

Why do you need it?

Intercultural training can be valuable for various individuals and groups who interact with people from diverse cultures.

Overall, anyone who interacts with diverse cultures on a personal or professional level could benefit from intercultural training.

Educators and students: Intercultural training can help educators and students understand students or colleagues coming from culturally different backgrounds, develop inclusive school environments, and contribute to creating a positive learning environment.

Educators and students: Intercultural training can help educators and students understand students or colleagues coming from culturally different backgrounds, develop inclusive school environments, and contribute to creating a positive learning environment.

Government and international organizations: Officials who engage in diplomacy, development, or peacekeeping operations interact with a range of cultures. Intercultural training can help these individuals develop cultural sensitivity and diplomacy skills to achieve their goals effectively.

Health care professionals: Medical professionals encounter patients from diverse backgrounds, each with their own beliefs and values. Intercultural training can help medical personnel learn about patients’ cultures, effectively communicate important information, and provide patient care that aligns with the patient’s values.

Individuals relocating or studying overseas: Intercultural training can help people prepare for the challenges of living or studying overseas, deal with culture shock, and integrate better into the new environment.

How it works?

Our Training Process


We will ask you questions in regards to the reason why you company is looking to train its employees.

Step 1

We will provide you with a Digital Marketing, SEO Training price quotation that will fit your company’s objectives.

Step 2

Your Digital Training Course begins and your team will be in training sessions. During training your team will be tested.

Step 3
Follow up

We will work with you team in order to insure that the course has been applied in an effort to benefit your organization.


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