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Most companies in Dubai have a common question is always asked in regards to our Sublimz. Common question that is asked here at Sublimz Do you need a prior Digital Marketing Experience or a prerequisite in order to reap the most benefits from our Digital Marketing Training courses? Having a prior background in digital marketing is not needed. These courses will concentrate on the main commercial aspects needed to create a successful marketing campaign. We work with clients from all types of backgrounds; marketing students who want to enhance their digital footprint knowledge, sales executives who want to increase lead generation, and business owners who want to stay on top of technology to create more profit for their company.

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Which Digital Marketing Training Courses do you offer?

Digital Marketing is very broad, however we focus on courses that are in demand.

Digital Marketing Courses

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At Sublimz, different methods are utilized to analyze, monitor and grow organic traffic which will in return, generate higher sales and profits. When implementing these tactics in an effective way, a company can promote their product or service to reach their core customers. Leveraging tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content marketing, and backlinks are essential to create and run a successful digital marketing strategy. Each business is unique and will require different marketing tools; an e-commerce company will have very different needs than an accounting firm so it’s important to understand which channels will benefit various business requirements and goals. We will teach you how to learn and keep up with all the digital marketing tools available using several technology platforms which is key to become a digital marketing master. If you understand the needs of your target customers and who they are, then we can train you how to target and convert them.

Analyze and Monitor

Our Digital Marketing Training will teach you how to analyze and monitor the customer’s behavior and what engages them on your website. Digital marketing in the long term is more cost effective than traditional marketing because it allows you to have the opportunity to adjust your strategy in real time to keep costs low. With more consumers spending time online, more businesses are frequently focusing and investing in digital media campaigns over traditional marketing concepts. Our Digital Marketing Course Experts in Dubai are ready to travel to your location.Besides our traveling to locations in Egypt, we have provided Digital Marketing Training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Kuwait City and KSA. Our Digital Marketing trainers can conduct the training in either English or Arabic per the customer’s choice. Ask us about our customized SEO Course conducted online.D

How it works?

Our Training Process


We will ask you questions in regards to the reason why you company is looking to train its employees.

Step 1

We will provide you with a Digital Marketing, SEO Training price quotation that will fit your company’s objectives.

Step 2

Your Digital Training Course begins and your team will be in training sessions. During training your team will be tested.

Step 3
Follow up

We will work with you team in order to insure that the course has been applied in an effort to benefit your organization.


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