11 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt for 2022-2023

We are talking about results oriented or best digital marketing courses in Cairo Egypt they will make a difference in your career and land you a god job in Digital Marketing. The courses include Digital Marketing in general in addition to SEO Courses in Egypt.

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By Tarek H

Important questions in regards to the Digital Marketing Courses

  • Who is a digital marketing course suited for? 

Anyone interested in working in the digital marketing field can enroll in one of the available digital marketing courses. To participate in a program, you do not need any specific educational qualifications.

What should you consider when choosing a digital marketing course?

When selecting a digital marketing course, keep the following in mind:

  1. Curriculum
  2. The qualifications and experience of the trainers.
  3. Determine if the services are reasonable to the fee.
  • What are the topics addressed in a digital marketing course?

In a digital marketing course you will, among others, learn about the following topics: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, content and email marketing, advanced blogging, and digital marketing.

  • How do you find the best digital marketing course for you?

There is a long list of top-notch digital marketing courses in the country. To find the best course for you, you should make sure it will be in line with what you desire. Curriculum, cost, and duration are all key considerations when selecting.


“Enrolling in the right Digital Marketing Course can help you land a good job in Egypt or even Dubai , Saudi or Kuwait …etc”


digital marketing courses in egypt

Below you will find a list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in Egypt.  

Course #1. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

Digital Training Egypt (DTE) -4.9/5

Best for Corporate Digital Marketing Courses that are offered for companies in Egypt and Dubai UAE. Companies can benefits from this courses.

DTE (Digital Training Egypt) is one of Egypt’s leading online digital marketing courses, offering high-quality courses in most aspects of digital marketing in India and abroad. The main benefit of this institute is that you can enroll in their premium quality classes from anywhere in the world.

Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course

Course duration– 1 months

Fee– 8700 Egyptian Pounds. (Approximately)

Course #2. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

E-marketing Egypt -4.3/5

E-marketing Egypt is a renowned Middle Eastern company that provides integrated email marketing services, coaching, and training to deliver high-quality results and education in the digital realm. In short, they provide some of Egypt’s greatest digital marketing courses. They offer training in most aspects of digital marketing.

Course #3. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

Digital Marketing Academy Egypt -4.1/5

DM Academy is a Pioneer Institute in Egypt that offers a broad variety of digital marketing courses, including:

The Certificate in Digital Marketing course covers 3 fundamental models of digital marketing over 76 hours, spread over 2 months. In addition to the basic models of digital marketing, the programme also includes Google AdWords (Google Ads) and media planning.

The Professional Digital Marketing Diploma is a course lasting for 3 months, including a hundred hours of practical training with 10 modules and projects included.

Course #4. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

The Knowledge Academy Egypt 4.5/5

The course is for anyone interested in improving their knowledge of Digital Marketing techniques and tools, increasing their brand value through PR content, and working in the booming Digital Marketing industry.

Course #5. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

The American University in Cairo 4.4/5

The American University of Cairo has one of the top digital marketing courses in Egypt. You can attend a course to get a career certificate covering subjects like marketing research, strategic marketing, and digital marketing.

Course #6. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

HPA Academy 4.8/5

This digital marketing course covers all of the major marketing channels, including:

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

Online Advertising Influencer Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Course #7. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

Excel R Academy

One of the most appealing aspects of digital marketing training in Cairo, Egypt, is the opportunity to take advantage of Excel R’s exclusive Jumbo pass, which is a limited time offer for students that is offered from time to time.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Middle East

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has worked to build digital marketers for successful commerce and investment in several areas since its establishment in Egypt in 2006.

The 6-week digital marketing diploma course will help you increase your knowledge of numerous digital marketing elements to help you succeed in your career.

Course #9. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

Digital Vidya 4.6/5

Digital Vidya is Egypt’s most prestigious institute for online Digital Marketing courses. They provide a coveted Digital Marketing Course that has trained thought leaders in the digital arena throughout the years.

Course #10. Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt

 Inc Academy Cairo

Inc Academy, based in New York, USA, and the Middle East, is one of the premier Digital Marketing Courses and Social Media Training Institutes in Egypt.

Course #11 : You

Learn from hundreds of YouTube Digital Marketing Videos.