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Business English Course

If you are learning English for your job or career, then the Business English Course is for you! It will help you communicate better in everyday professional situations.

This Intermediate-level English course contains 40 lessons focusing on essential vocabulary and practical phrases for the workplace.

The lessons contain video, audio, and text, and there are also plenty of exercises to help you review and practice your Business English

The course is divided into four sections
Business English Basics

- Vocabulary for daily words - English for interviews - Talking with colleagues - Phone calls - Giving presentations

Business English Intermediate Topics

- English for meetings and negotiations - Networking & small talk - Letters & e-mails - Discourse markers to improve the flow of your written and spoken English.

English for Different Business Areas

- English for management & customer service - How to talk about finance, retail, and marketing - Vocabulary for manufacturing and safety

Business English Specializations

- English for computers and the medical field - Legal and environmental issues - Non-profit organizations - Entrepreneurship

Who this course is for?

Why take this course?

The world of business requires confidence and strong communication skills. Today,  English is the dominant language of negotiation in business across the world. Non-native English speakers are seeing the importance of studying business English to improve their professional success. The aim of business English is to improve your ability to interact with English-speaking countries or companies. 

Communicating in a business setting can be more challenging than usual. In this environment, presentation and confidence are important skills. You will be working with native English speakers who may use specific phrases and vocabulary. By improving your language skills, you will appear more professional and feel more confident when it comes to negotiating with others. Here’s a look at how business English courses can improve your success in a business career. 

English is the dominant language of negotiation in business across the world

Negotiate With Confidence After Business ESL
Learn how to negotiation with English business professionals
Feel Comfortable Expressing Yourself in Business Meetings

Business English Course

The specific methods used in a Business English course will depend on the needs and goals of the learners, as well as the context in which the course is being taught. Effective Business English teaching should incorporate a mix of methods to provide learners with a well-rounded and practical learning experience.

Teaching Methods

There are several methods used for teaching Business English, including:

Task-based approach
Role-play and simulation
Discussions and debates
Business writing
Vocabulary building
Business culture and customs
How it works?

Our Training Process


We will ask you questions in regards to the reason why you company is looking to train its employees.

Step 1

We will provide you with a Digital Marketing, SEO Training price quotation that will fit your company’s objectives.

Step 2

Your Digital Training Course begins and your team will be in training sessions. During training your team will be tested.

Step 3
Follow up

We will work with you team in order to insure that the course has been applied in an effort to benefit your organization.


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